Who’s the Fatty?

This Fatty is from Florida.  However, I am orginally from Massachusetts.  This is not the reason I’m fat, but I fully believe that 17 years of winters has caused my body to gain weight in the fall/ winter seasons.  Is that completely ignorant?  Probably – but it helps me feel a little better.  

Anyway, I guess if you are on this page, you would like to know a little bit more about me.  (And I thank you for that!)

Yes, I am currently living in Florida.  I have a husband and two Basset Hounds living in my house, and they are certainly not the ‘get up and go’ types.  (I knew that before I committed to any of them, though!)  I have never been ‘active’ – as in working out daily, running…  Basically, I have never really done anything on a regular basis. 

In high school, I played softball, and in college I rowed for a year before joining the marching band as a Colorguard member.  It sounds boring, but we did a lot of running, which was great. 

But since then, I have been pretty stationary.  Every now and then I will join the YMCA, go a couple of times, and end my membership.  I have gone through periods where I would walk every day for a week or two, and then stop for one reason or another.

Typical ‘blaise’ attitude about the whole thing. 

It wasn’t until the past year or two that when I would go to give blood, or see my doctor, they would comment that my blood pressure was a little high.  Nothing to get too worried about.  They would give me vitamins to take, tell me to get some exercise, and that would be it.  However, the more that went on – the more worried I have become.  I would like to do what I can to keep it from going any higher, and maybe even lowering it!

I’m finally going to do something for my health, and for me rather than for what I look like.  I don’t think I look as big as my weight suggests – and to be completely honest – I have been told that by others as well.  (Though I am sure that there are people out there who would disagree.)

As of Sunday, January 3rd I weighed 194* big ones.

I am able to fit into a sixteen pant, large to x-large shirts (most large fit me, but I have fairly large boobs and upper arms), and a fourteen to sixteen dress.

I haven’t done the actual measurements, but when I do – they will certainly be posted.  I figure, if I’m being honest about everything I’ve written so far – may as well go the Full Monty, right?  I just need to find my tape measure.  I know it’s in my house somewhere… 

*I am using this as a ‘guesstimate’ of sorts.  I weighed myself on an empty stomach, but with full clothing plus shoes at a Publix scale.  I don’t know how accurate those are, nor do I know for sure how much all of my clothes weigh.  (It was in the low fifties, so I did have a couple of layers on.)   I am not making excuses, just keeping everything in the open!

It feels good to do that!


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