Couch to 5K Week 1 Day 2


I find that if I go home and immediately change into my workout attire, I am much more ‘pumped’ to go out there and get moving.

I bought a new sensor at lunchtime yesterday, but it still doesn’t get picked up by my iPod.  I’m SOO frustrated!!! I do wonder if I need to update my iTunes, but we’ll see…  =/

So, I got out there and did it.  I did my 5 minute warm up, my 60 seconds of running followed by 90 second of recovery and my 5 minute cool down.  I pushed myself on the last 60 second run, and it felt nice….  I felt a little tight in my thighs and calves, but nothing painful.  My iPod didn’t skip at all – woot!  I realized that I had missed a lot of the podcast on Monday, but since I had stayed out there for the 30 minutes, I’m not sure I’m going to need an additional Week 1 day.  I’ll see how Friday goes.  I do have to get new socks, though.  Mine kept slouching down and bunching at my heel.  It didn’t throw me off, but it was rather irritating.

I got home, face red and a bit out of breath, but I stretched a little (not close to what I should have done) and took a shower and felt wonderful!  I even went to bed at a decent hour!  Of course, I didn’t get anything done that I had wanted to do, but it was nothing that held life and death in the balance.

My goal before my Friday run/walk is to get the Nike+ sensor working again.  I brought my iPod Touch to work today to see about an update, since I do not have internet access at home.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the update will fix the communication issue.  I would love to be able to see an estimate on how far I go, what my pace is and the like.

If you have any advice – DO TELL!  I love gadgets and whatnot – when they actually work!


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  1. Chris Dodds Said:

    I’ve had similar issues with the Nike+ module. I tend to use an app called Runkeeper instead. You have to enter the data manually (unless you are running outside with an iPhone, then it uses GPS), but it can track strength training activities as well.

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